About us

In 1992 Dr. Gerhard Gantner head-up a media art gallery in Innsbruck.
In 1995 Stefan Bidner and Thomas Feuerstein founded the club medien.kunst.tirol as bureau for inter-medial communications transfer. The club’s aim was to support local artists with their productions and to present international artists in the Tyrol.
Because the club did not have a permanent presentation platform, it created a choice of locations for presentation and media for publication (catalogues, CDs and DVDs).
In 2005 the management was changed; the philosophy, strategy, and modus operandi of the club remained the same:
Under Roland Maurmair (Chairman) and Annja Krautgasser (Vice-Chairman) a CI and appropriate internet presence was implemented. In addition, medien.kunst.tirol showed presence with exhibitions and presentation outside of Tyrol for the first time.

Member of www.innsbruckcontemporary.at

Management since 2012

Maximilian Thoman – Chairman
Maurizio Nardo – Vice-Chairman
Stefan Bidner – Cashier
Christian Martínek – Secretary to the board