“auto” Gerald Grestenberger d-g-v & Jakob Knebl & Hans Scheirl & Bruce La Mongo

`Let´s have another gloomy year – come to Daddy´

“Auto-Schau!” look at the exhibition, Projektraum / Kunstraum Innsbruck 2006

auto” is a meeting point for local and international positions of art in the urban field. By placing into an open alley pub it also reaches an non-elitist environment (as an everyday life matter). It is both, a public Art-room, als well as a production facility for new media, fine arts, design, architecture and fashion. Thereby a mixing of the audience is warranted, which wouldn’t be given by having a focus on just on thing.

The “auto“-room like such, is an undefined room, that represents an open work-base.
The provided structure is made up of two business-bar rooms in the “Löwengasse 7, 1030 Vienna”, corresponding small presentation-floors, two bigger souterrain rooms (“transport floor”), the website (as a “mobile room”), which as well document on activities in real room, als well as art projects at the face.

The “auto“-collective consists of Jakob Knelb, Gerald Grestenberger d-g-v, Markus Hausleitner (mark le bon), as well as Bruce la Mongo and Hans Scheirl.

In the third phase of existing, this collective adopts the leadership, which currently, is dominated by the vizualisation of the artist’s free choice, concerning the used phrasing of statements in every available medias + formats (installation, performance, photography, painting, concept artwork, video, audio, internet, curator-activities, theoretical work in terms of art), plus, the research of developing aesthetic style in association with common corporate changes. It approaches the field of re-grouping in smashing the presence-monster.

auto” was founded by Jakob Knebl, Gerald Grestenberger d-g-v, Markus Hausleitner (mark le bon) & Rena Ritz (busy until 04-2003), in 2002.