between the stream

between the stream

Musicvideo Compilation

General Infos:

DVD | Pal, Color | Stereo | Austria 2007

edited by 2007

ISBN: 978-3-9501005-7-1 | Kunstraum Innsbruck
Concept Compilation: Roland Maurmair

DVD Authoring: Mark Beckmann

Far from mainstream, beyond canned music and soulless chart machineries, in Austria, thrives and prospers an independent music scene along with a dazzling videoproduction, that combines sound and moving image in an experimental and cutting-edge way.

With this DVD, medien.kunst tirol. assembles current productions of local video- and musicvideo- artists aiming to suprise the viewers with this release “between the stream”. At the same time it offers a presentation space for young/contemporary positions.

The navigation happens through scanning, respectively sounding of a swinging plane in the ether to “track” the single contributions.