What a wonderful mind…#1

What a wonderful mind…#1

What a wonderful mind…

(in focus – the creative process)

Prof. Dr. Otto E. Rössler

(chaos scientist and endophysician/ University Tübingen) dissertation on the “light-bulb-moment”

Every creative process takes place in a (…) system, wherein chaos and organization, coincidence and laws, freedom and forced

structure, spontaneity and calculation affect the quantative and qualitative aspects of itself in many constantly changing

Gottlieb Guntern

In the radical constructivism’s point of view, the human sensory perception builds human reality. Every observable thing, is a

subjective internal activity by the viewer. Creative, not logic conclusions, often cause expedient outcomes and new cognition.

Failure is a fundamental part of awareness and human progress.

The creative “big bang” remains unpredictable and un-plannable. Also, science and it’s achievements are a part of the complex

human-creative process at last.

The goal of our dissertation series is a an answer to the question about creative moment in science and art. Is creativity

universal, is there a demanding difference between artistic and academic creativity? Are there points of contact?