fabrics interseason

fabrics interseason

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___fabrics interseason

The design label ___fabrics interseason was founded in Vienna in 1998 by the artists Wally Salner and Johannes Schweiger. The

terms fine art, culture history, design, performance and electronic music characterize the area where ___fabrics interseason

positions its work. According to the artistic method, the collections and presentations are based on concepts, which are

intensely inquired about sociopolitical phenomenons and discourse. This is still exceptional for the fashion establishment,

___fabrics interseason interacts with professional since 2001, doing presentations in Paris.
Since their formation, ___fabrics interseason works together with electronic musicians, who develop the soundtracks for the

presentations, matching the particular subject of the collections. The music is released on”ego vacuum rec.” record label.
___fabrics interseason is interested in codes, their manifestations in individual and collective dress-behaviour, their identity

giving significance and legibility. ___fabrics interseason’s collections are not only an analysis of these codes, they act

through their lifestyle-compatible wearability and as an infiltration of an exclusive and high individualized fashion

consciousness in which a critical/political attitude can still be displayed.(FI)
A 60-minute videoscreening shows documentary recording of miscellaneous fashion- and sound performances by ___fabrics

interseason. The fashion shows are framed with musical interferences.