Holzer, Kolster

Artist Group

Sara Kolster
* 1978 in Geldrop (NL)
lives and works in Utrecht (NL)

Derek Holzer
* 1972 on Jupiter
lives and works in Eindoven (NL)

Fresh trip #3
Sara Kolster + Derek Holzer


Sara Kolster and Derek Holzer’s audiovisual performances analize contemporary ideas regarding “Live Cinema” and demonstrate the principles and tools, they

both explain within their pure data workshops. They collected sounds and images at miscellaneous places around the world and turn them into a wonderful

journey throughout their live improved performances, where sound and image collaborates together.
Both artists retrieve their inspiration in the history of experimental cinema and electro-acoustic music, as well as in contemporary discussion with video

and “microsound”, and a multitude of other resources, like photofilm and “objets trouves”.
In equal measure, Holzer’s collected realtime-digital-sound-adaptions light up the phonographical resources, other than darken or distort them. Kolster and

Holzer decline the use of typical commercial production methods and standardized, commercial artworks that often result from these methods. Instead, they

prefer to program their own software, build their own hardware interfaces and join free open source communities where they participate actively.