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Fresh trip #7

A corporate project by Medienwerkstatt Wien and sixpackfilm.

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The DvD-edition INDEX inherits on publishing and distribution of audiovisual publications on austrian and international movie-, video- and media- art

history. At the start of the series 15 DvD have been produced, predominantly giving attention to austrian artists. The series’ enlargement through

international artwork is in development and will be clearly in sight in the second phase of publication, in march 2006. Information about the originators and

their operation methods, as well as analysis to the cinematic work are collected in an attached bilingual booklet.
I am a rock, I am an island. From a geometric oscillating line, over computer generated room, to a piece of rock and a body nestling to it, in Queens/New

York, proceeds the series’ development direction. However: From abstraction to figurative image, whose stimulation builds up on sound- traces and particles.

In this process, the constructed, and by cognition occupied room, varies in an obvious scope. While lia, Frank, Doser and Knapp create a synaesthetic and

dynamic system of permanent change and constant transition, Bruckmayer and Holba measure the virtual room. In doing so, two completely different maps of

movement are generated, respective architecture of the future. Having a look at a piece of land is the initial point at [n:ja], Krzeczek and Müller, whereas

the spectrum of discussion reaches from disguising view, it’s purification / aesthetic translation to affective charge.

[ lia: radio_intl. 1437 / sound: @c, 2005, colour, 2 min ] – [ Tina Frank: chronomops / sound: General Magic, 2004, colour, 2 min ] – [ Barbara Doser: even odd even / sound: Kurt Hofstetter, 2004, b/w, 8 min ] – [ Manuel Knapp: accelerated lines~ / sound: M. Knapp, 2005, b/w, 6 min ] – [ Didi Bruckmayr: collider2 /sound: B. Stangl, W. Dafeldecker, 2005, colour, 5 min ] – [ Harald Holba: Bitcrusher, 2004, colour, 11 min ] – [ [n:ja]: horizon/1 / sound: TU M´, 2005, colour, 4 min ] – [ Dariusz Krzeczek: LUUKKAANKANGAS / sound: Stefan Németh, 2004, colour, 7 min ] – [ Ulrike Müller: Mock Rock / sound: Essie Jain, 2005, colour, 3 min ]