G. J. Lischka (A/CH)


Yours – mine – our point of view

How things are seen, first of all surely is an individual issue. Everyone must admit to others, that it’s a matter of opinion,
what he/she thinks of something. We must accept, that every person is unique, different compared to others. If we accept this

fact, it relieves ourself, to see us as the other amongst others, too; whereby we, not only experience the variety of human

existence, but realize, too. “Everybody thinks of themselves, only I, think of me.”
This singleness is dubiously, when, at the same time, we disavow that the “human-humanity” is not only group-specific ,but

today, binds us globally. The varieties meet in the equality of needs and energize from them. Difference and identity have a

constant contact. Thereby matter of opinions are individual indeed, because everyone has a different view on things, but the

‘thing’ is the same. People will notice, how nice it is, when they share the same view on one thing. That’s why it is all about

‘you’ and ‘me’ in this dialogue: When cogitations expand, crazes relativize, wehen the game of mutuality is open…, and comply

to the rules of agreement without restraint, we are “self” through the other.
Matter of opinions conflict themselves, even though they appear as clear statements. The question stays; why should one view on

a thing be the right one? Like that, we pick up the knowledge that there are different views, and why we see things from one and

not the other side.
We are mired in present references, but still don’t prefer to understand. Matter of opinions are chronological defined opinions

and paradigms, Which turn into different into different views, in some cases. If communication is really cultivated – which

means the flow of social directives – and like that, concersation, individual existential orientations have the opportunity to

develop. Sense and mind balance each other. Many instruments act upon us. It depends on, if we not even find our way in the

zapping-zone while being clasped by the media, but use the offers media provides us. Being obidient supply consumer only, avoids

our own decision, which opinion gives us insight. Thats why we should pay attention not to loose orientation and accordant to

our wisches fix position: To know, where we have our point of view concerning prospect of aspect.

Places are like stopping places in space. Places are names. We have frequently heard many of these names, before we even think

of locating these names through our visit. Somehow outstanding, famous places have an allurement, that adheres us in mind, until

we allay the yearning to see them. To convince ourself of the beauty, the uniqueness etc. of places, is nothing else than taking

part in cultural manifestations, in the magic of architectural and/or natural shapes, that are often sanctuaries, grand,

prescious buildings or however, unique figurations.
In previous times, living as migrants, we settled down later, but nowadays often living as migrants and tourists again,

millionfold circling earth. At the same time, the “journey of life” appears downright vintage. How many time we have available,

is a mystery of death. There are many reasons to go on a journey, the homeward journey is done with the taken experience of

having been there, with the broadening of ones horizon, the enrichment of getting to know the unknown. Not photography, no movie

can replace the presence and uniqueness of specific places. But they can inspire us to go there, and remember them with full

sense of being afterwards.

The spirit of the age

We have to notice the ‘today’ presence of our own lifetime. Also we are imbedded into the history and incidents, we have to form

the possible circumstances and conditions we wish we had, ourself. Thereby, we will always encounter resistence and affirmation,

both will make us think, lead to questions and answers. To comprehend, why and how things work, is a crucial point of our

existence. Inquisitiveness incites our interest, to understand, to take something in, for at least a moment. The best way to

understand is definitely talking to persons, who gained experiences in their domain and succeed through their competence, and

published work with available medias.
These personalities are the spine of society. No matter in which field they work, they mainly put there focus on art (in the

broadest sense of interpretation) and culture. Whereas culture as well means being a civilized society; the ability, to grant

utter freedom in mutuality to everyone. It’s about fitting the own life situation into the collective, thus, we receive

appreciation as a form of affirmation to our contribution to society. Representing an expedient part of the whole thing, even

though when it seems to be destroyed by criticism denouncing unsustainable conditions. To change something, we have to include

what we know, know, what we speak of.

Images – supporting ideas
Treasures are stockpiled at places and buildings, which in turn, can be a great pleasure to look at: Never mind if it’s frescos,

mosaics, panels or carpets, statues, windows or installatons. Besides, there are photographies, film- and video-projections,

monitors and screens, through which we can give ourself over to the stagger of images. Worlds collide in this variety, the fight

of world view takes place, art and knickknack clash, emptiness and plenitude. Images become a substiture for reality, become an

ideal, become truth, but also deception and lie. Abstract shapes, ornaments and geometric rhythms meet up with mystic tales,

religious incidents, everyday life scenes and reportages on current events. We navigate through the duplication of the world in

computergenerated virtual realities.
We look at images and have the opportunity to learn from them; to see broader and niftier. More and more people live in cities,

that worldwide appear to be a global city. In it grow images, logos and signals; also graffitis demand attention. Media shapes

our body mentally, whereas nudity becomes the primary surface. Through it, micro-worlds collide with macro-dimensions in an

orbital aesthetic. Observantly, we see us observing: Everything is just a show! No mirror suffices to capture us; the apparative

images swallow us. We hardly sense our body and soul to differ between reality and mediazation.

Media: Art

When media swallows reality and in turn throws reality back to us through gadget-magic, this reality becomes omnipresence of

many realities. That, however, has nothing to do with our own, unique realness – if so, probably that we mostly feed our true

desire from reality. The media are communication instruments, the message from you to me, communication between us. The

communication is the torrent of information around the world, and it has to be decoded, according to the specific codes, or at

least, it has to be noticed at all. You can also say, communication is an ocean, that surges around us and to which we should

keep an individual distance, not to go under.
The ocean metaphor points to a mighty nature. And that is the danger, concealed in media, the naturalism. Pretending like it

would be its nature, whereas it displays a cultural status. A status, that can already be far away from what we describe to be

natural: a status that can address to, or turn against us. With the appropiateness “address to us” the art helps us. Art uses

media, too- the “simple” traditional medida, as well as the apparative new media. Because of the fact that its code is not in

line with the principle of use, art can be a regulator of reality and trustee of life’s misteries. Unlike to apparent nature of

mass media, art offers the warranty, to portray the reality of our life, but this is what we have to acquire individually in its

reception and production.


To put oneself into the play, to make contacts, that’s what art offers, figuratively. In any case it gives us the opportunity,

to explore the wide field of phantasy and thereby again establish relationships to visionairy people. Just now the interplay

between miscellaneous interests, which is the nutrient solution of art. It’s what art processes. Because nowadays the mission of

art is not placed by church or gentry, but has to be placed by artists themselves, the art comes from its marginal area- life in

all its facets.
To exposure with art is not only a mighty flavor enhancer and an erotic spark. It’s also a way to awareness, mixed up from mind

and emotion. When opinion, knowledge and belief build a known trias of awareness valuation, under the aegis of art – as an open

form – they are, all combined, the most sensual way of perception; also because of their intrinsic reciprocity. Talking about

democracy today, means the leveling of our subjectivity to its global, common denominator. When we turn to art beyond the myth

of democracy (which would be nice), we can in fact enter a network of relationships, best in the context of freedom of art. Es

seems, that this mental frame of framing, soonest leaves and encourages our freewill.


When a painting is finished, in the majority of cases it gets a frame. When lyrics are finished, they are willingly put between

two covers – to be a book. When a sculpture is successfully designed, it gets a stand, obtains the right effect with a specific

place. When an object has a notably price, it is exhibited in a museum. This appreciation it the singling out of the usual

stuff, the beginning of archival storage and history. As well as death of cogitations and imaginations, that found its form in

media. But this “put aside” from the activity of everyday life is a new life in and trough media, too. We make acquaintance with

unknown, that we get to know the media way and accompany. Friendships with this unknown aquaintance can last for life and,

without getting in the way, being intensive.
That’s why we not only collect our own thoughts, we compare them with thoughts, who stand the test of time, or currently

prevail. We search for solutions, that are accepted or negated. If our ideas succeed – the others know. Being noticed, is

probably a main feature of everything that’s produced. The things that are realized don’t have to be understood easily: The

attraction often lies in the hermetic, the search. Because the sense, to make out the truth (except from trivial things)-

probably might never work for us. But we can, at least make an own attempt, without force something on others, in the variety of

constellations, again and again boost the love of life. With comprehension concerning the point of view on things, which we

currently lost in thoughts.