Manege frei – IL III

Manege frei – IL III

Innsbruck Land Tyrolean Music Compilation

Final Release Party

LIVE: No Horse No Rider -> CD Release “Habemus Country”

supported by : Bidner / Martinek

Dj´s on both floors:

Ohm8 & der maurmixa / Jorge / Fabi Fabulosi / Waz / Tonmeister Guggi

in addition dozens of live shows and surprises…

Step right up! Ceremonious presentation of all 15 limited 10inch vinyl series releases, that reflects the musical variety of local producitons.

First-time we serve the last season with

NoHorse NoRider & hey-o-hansen,

Manu Delago & Andi Tausch,

Quehenberger / Kern & Nitro Mahalia,
Dj. Enne & Mohear und

saegewerk soundsystem.

The caleidoscopic appearing spectrum is a definite announcement for the dj’s …spin that shit!!