plus ultra

plus ultra

Plus Ultra – Jenseits der Moderne?

(catalogue to the corresponding exhibition project)

edited by Stefan Bidner / Thomas Feuerstein

published by Revolver Verlag 2005
-25,5 x 16,5 cm, 400 p., bound (german/english)
ISBN 3-86588-129-7 / Euro 25,00

We dream of endless joy and unlimited ecstasy. We want to expand, demand everlasting increase and strive for multiple

orgasms. We are obsessed by obsession to “go further” and visionaire a life without mental or substantial boundaries, without a

mortal finale and eternal youth. We detest stagnancy and desire nothing more than recency. We celebrate the state of ‘PLUS ULTRA’

in the culture of ‘NONPLUSULTRA’

with contributions by
Stefan Bidner, Cosima von Bonin, Paul McCarthy, Thomas Feuerstein, Peter Gorschlüter, Christoph Hinterhuber, Richard Hoeck/Karin Pernegger/Ayse Erkmen, Natasa Ilic, Richard Jackson, Andreija Kuluncic, Dorit Margreiter/Anette Baldauf, John Miller, Markus Neuwirth, Roberto Orth, Rayond Pettibon, F.E. Rakuschan, Thomas Rainer, Jason Rhoades, Hans Weigand und Helmut Willke