Hummer / Märzendorfer

Hummer / Märzendorfer

Artist Group

Fresh trip #8
Claudia Märzendorfer + Nik Hummer

“Viel Lärm um Nichts”: For a long time, the reproducibility of sounds was a big dilemma the music productives and users had. Music exhales in airwave, it

only resits from vanishing in persisting in our mind. Not until the sound’s physical- mechanic fundamentals were researched, long-lasting recorders and storage medias

(like wax-cylinder, shellac) were able to be developed. So, temporarily released energy is transformed into enduring physical form. Similar to classical sculpture.
Energy is not vanishing – it modifies. This tranfer of energy is pointed up through the use of ice making a sound storage


Referring to the records made up of ice:
The hearable technical quality is equally subtle and precise like the quality of a perfectly balanced music ensemble. The arrangement of the ice crystals is

that accurate, that it’s surface sounds.
The special sound of the ice is fascinating, in comparison to the rather “clean sound” of a vinyl or cd. The sound material stored on it, is modulated by
the constitution of the record’s surface (crystals in triangle shape). Soundwaves in triangle- or cube- waveshape are very rich in harmonics. That means that

they sound more natural, plenteous. Thus, the pure storage media becomes the instrument to be able to give synthetic sound a natural sound-corpus. Like

sculpture in a micro range.