* in Graz
lives and works in Vienna.

Fresh trip #12
director-application, 2005

The works of media artist and graphics programmer Lia debate on abstract basic elements, that dissolve in ductile style and rearrange consistently.

Lia develops synthetic environments out of compressed screen sequences, whose astonishing event shows a change between abstraction and precision in large

amount. Her long lasting teamwork with the portuguese electro-duo @c shows her interest on sample techniques, which quasi comply to a structured, serial

“An abstract replica-world seems to undergo a never stopping antagonism: The aim for unity and closeness, which is already avoided in just the same time.

Lia’s world’s bizarr beauty exactly builds up on this antagonism. A dizzy cosmos, composed of nothing then referring to itself and from this case obtaining

its magnificence.” Christian Höller (Springer, Vienna)